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No Influence on the Putt


No Assembly Required

It's time to get back to real golf! This product is uniquely designed with no attachment to the flagstick, which means there is no influence on the ball contact. This allows for a true golf experience!

Putts-Up allows you to rotate the rod to the back of the flagstick. You simply use your putter to lift and rotate the rod where it becomes invisible and out of play. You can sink your putt without any interferences, just like old times!

Putts-Up comes assembled, no tools are required. All you have to do is simply slip it over the flagstick and start playing. It does not cause any damage to the cup. Superintendents and their crew will love the simplicity, ease, and durability of this product. Putts-Up allows players to remove their ball without having to touch the flagstick, making it CDC compliant.

Putts-Up was recently featured in as a new tool that makes putting an easier and safer task during COVID-19. Read more below!