Putts-Up allows players to remove their ball without touching the flagstick, making it CDC compliant and keeping everyone safe. It is made of marine grade materials, making it weatherproof and durable. There is NO assembly required or tools needed, simply slip it onto the flagstick and you are ready to go. There is NO additional work to the course set-up; superintendents and their crew will love how easy it is. Putts-Up is snag free, there are no hooks therefore it never damages the green or the cup. Not only does this product meet current CDC guidelines, it is also beneficial to the players and the course for daily use after COVID-19.

Putts-Up was created to allow for a true golf experience when it comes to putting and chipping. It is simple, sleek, and designed so that the rod can become invisible and out of play. The product is independent of the flagstick, meaning there is no interference or influence on a putt or chip. 

Putts-up fits most flagsticks, it will fit ½ inch or the ¾ inch tapered flagsticks with no problem. Just be sure to indicate what size you will need.

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Ron Kidwell and Terry Decker

Terry Decker, golf pro at St. Petersburg Country Club, was in need of a solution to allow his members to continue playing the game they love while being compliant with the new CDC guidelines. He did not want to use the pool noodle or any other devices that interfered with the true golf experience. He also didn't want a product that had any hooks or external parts that would tear up his greens or make it difficult for the grounds crew. He called his friend, Ron Kidwell, and they began to brainstorm ideas. In just a few days they designed Putts-Up and began to manufacture them. After all of the positive feedback they received, they wanted others to get back to true golf when putting and chipping.