"It was the first time I have played golf in several weeks due to COVID-19 and today I played where I live at the Groves Golf & Country Club. From the first hole, what an unbelievable experience playing golf with your product. It is truly remarkable and all the guys in the group kept bragging about how great it is that our course bought these. Maybe it was Putts-Up , I don't know but it was one of the best rounds I have ever played."


"Congrats on Putts-Up! After using it through April and a bit into May, we certainly enjoyed the authentic putting experience that it gave us. Hope you find lots of positive response and continued success!"


"No more pool noodles or upside down cups for our course. We made the switch to Putts-Up and couldn't be happier. It was such an easy transition, there has been no maintenance since we put them on the flagsticks. Thanks for keeping our players safe."

Paul, Golf Pro, MICHIGAN

By far, the absolute BEST in-cup ball retriever I've seen. The mechanics are simple yet smooth, clean and most of all, effortless. Every club in the country should install this device!

Caroline, former LPGA player, FLORIDA